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Ewing Blyth Shipwrecked Gin – BHFNC


BHFNC – 100 Year Centenary

Ewing Blyth was Barwon Heads first hipster.  Shipwrecked off 13th Beach in 1853 he settled by the Barwon River.  He fed the survivors of the Earl of Charlemont wreck with shredded beef from a local farmer’s bullock and later on he, married the same farmer’s daughter, with whom he reared 11 children and 57 grandchildren.

Oneday Estate has produced this gin from locally sourced botanicals and a fifth-generation recipe that Ewing brought with him when he came here from England.

If you’re a local or even if you think you’re one – you’ll enjoy this fine drop.  Drink straight up, with ice or tonic and always, like Ewing, in good company.